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SIZE- 7.7 GB
PARTS-83, Each 95 Mb

Full English - nothing omitted from the original.
This is stand alone game. You do not need the original

Company of Heroes game.

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor is the next standalone chapter in the award-winning Company of Heroes franchise, featuring all-new content, including three single-player campaigns, new multiplayer modes, additional maps and units.

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor also introduces a new feature that allows players more tactical control of their units and more strategic options in-game. Developed by internal studio Relic Entertainment and powered by Relica's proprietary Essence Engine, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor is fully compatible with Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, allowing players who own the entire series complete access to the epic battles of World War II.


There are several ways to improve the performance of Company of Heroes on min and mid-spec systems, all accessible

through the Options menu:

Choosing the Auto selection in the options menu will adjust the settings to best fit your hardware. If that does not

work try some of the following:

- Reduce the resolution -- Select a lower resolution from the drop-down menu.
- Reduce the Texture Detail -- Select a lower Texture Detail setting from the menu.
- Reduce the Terrain Detail -- Select a lower Terrain Detail setting from the menu.
- Reduce the level of Shadow detail -- Select a lower Shadows Detail setting from the menu.
- Reduce the Model detail -- Select a lower Model Detail setting from the menu.
- Reduce the FX detail -- Select a lower FX Detail setting from the menu.

How to install:
1. Download all 8 links into a folder.
2. Extract the files, you end up with 8.1GB ISO.
(pick any of the 8 links to extract)
3. Download the serial file to use during your install
4. Mount your ISO Image on your virtual drive using
Demon Tools or ALcohol 120% software to install the game.
5. After install is completed. Download the 2501 game patch and install
6. Downlaod the 2501 crack and follow instructions below.

Using the 2501 game patch and crack.
1. Install the update. Copy over original exe first if needed.
2. Copy cracked content to your install dir.
3. Play the game !

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