Saturday, June 5, 2010



Came after watching Prakash Jha's latest offering "Raajneeti" starring Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Arjun Rampal and Ajay Devgan in the lead... While watching this movie you will get a feeling that the whole plot and characters are heavily inspired from the epic story Mahabharatham and the classic "The Godfather"...

"Raajneeti" is basically a complex game of politics where human relationships are challenged to achieve the ultimate power...

Story rolls on with a flashback where, Bhaskar played by Naseruddin Shah, an old leftist, challenging the most powerful leaders together with the support of a young lady who considers him as God.. But destiny changes their fortunes when she gets impregnated due to Bhaskar and gives birth to the child, but even before see her child's face, Brij Gopal played by Nana Patekar abandons the child...

On the whole, watch Raajneeti for the sincerity with which Prakash Jha has made this film and also for the excellent performances put up from Ranbir, Arjun, Ajay, Katrina and Nana Patekar...

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