Saturday, June 6, 2009

0 Set "Not Responding" Programs to shutdown automatically

Sometime while working on your PC,you may have got an error message popping up and saying that this program is not responding.Then you have to wait or close it by running task manager manually which is a bit annoying process.Now you can set this on your computer to automatically do it for you.
Follow the steps provided:
1.Go to start menu and click on Run.

2.Type regedit and hit enter key to enter Regedit settings.

3.When Regedit gets opened,browse to HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop and select Desktop.

4.There you will find a Keystring called EnableAutoLayout(or if you do not found it in your regedit,you can create it by right clicking on empty space in regedit and select New>String Value and name it as EnableAutoLayout and set its data value to 1) and right click on it and then select edit.

5. Change its data value to 1 and you are all done.
Hope this worked for you.If you need help or support or can't get it,then comment here.

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