Monday, September 14, 2009

2 Gmail now supports Google voice playback service[Really Cool]

Now there is no need to listen for your voice-mails seperatly. You can directly listen them inside Gmail.Google voice playback service will play it for you for which means saving your time and experiencing something new.Previously when you were to click play message button,it opened in a new page.But now it has integrated within the same page make it more user friendly.

For this,all you need to do is

labs link in Gmail and and look for 'Google Voice player' and click enable radio button and save changes.Now, whenever anyone sends you a voicemail, you’ll recieve a message in Gmail and you can play it directly inside the gmail. If you are voicemail user, then you should turn this feature on as it can be very useful to you.

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Anonymous said...

thanx for this useful info

N.D. Rana said...

yours welcome

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