Tuesday, October 13, 2009

4 The Ultimate Virus[BEST VIRUS PRANK EVER]

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Info:The program provided in this post is the best virus prank program available on net.When someone run this program on his computer,this will disable his task manager and taskbar leaving a blank screen with three options:
1.Format Hard Disk
2.Format Windows Folder
3.Format All Content

Format Hard disk:

When you click this button a progress bar will appear saying "formatting is in progress", but actually it's not. If you click click "Cancel" button, then a fake "Blue Screen Of Death" will appear! This is really creepy.

Delete Windows Folder:

If you choose this option the program will scan all files and folders on your Windows folder and after that a progress bar will appear displaying deletion progress. An advanced Windows user will be tricked because it displays all files on their systems are being deleted.

Delete All Contents on Local Disk:

This is similar to above, but it just scan folders on your root folder. It can't scan all of the files and folders on your hard disk because it will lag the application.

After all progress is finished, the program will does a fake restart. It displays black screen and text with MS-DOS style, so your friend will be tricked that their computer is being in boot mode. Then, a beep coming from computer speaker, and a frightening text appear: "BIOS image has been corrupted.

"There is a problem with your motherboard ROM. Press any key to try again". When your friend reach three attempts, a text appears that their motherboard is permanently damaged!

How to remove this program?

All you have to do is just to delete the program from your computer and it won't run again. The good thing is that it doesn't install itself to your system.

[Note:This program contains no virus and is totally safe to use.You can even use it on your own PC without any prob.]

Here are some screen shots of what this software can do:

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hahaha........its amazing too much good i hvnt thought about it..........

Anonymous said...

hahaha........its amazing too much good i hvnt thought about it..........

Anonymous said...

since it will disable task manager and task bar,, then how to deleted the programe?

Anonymous said...

where is the download link????

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