Friday, January 22, 2010

2 CrackznHackz on Google Search Suggestions

I think that time for our Blog is going really good.Its Second good news in the last 24 Hrs. I have got for you.The last one was that our PR has jumped from 0 to 1.And now,I have got some another news for our visitors.Crackznhackz's URL is now in the search suggestions by Google.I noticed this thing today while searching for CrackznHackz. results on Google which made me even more excited.I have added a screen shot.You can check yourself by typing "crackznhackz."(remember to add a fullstop(.) immediately after typing crackznhackz) and you will notice what is in the screen shot.And we have as many as 13,100 results on Google.

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Jeshmal4u said...

Nice friend.. hope u will get better pagerank soon...

Alexey said...

And you use ?

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