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0 How To Create your own silent installer ?!?

Silent installers are installers that will install a software automatically without showing the installation wizard.
Most of the time, silent installers install itself by executing with a simple switch, usually called silent switches. Many softwares work with a default silent switch that when executed will install itself silently with the default factory settings.

There is a brilliant software called “
SFXMakerthat is capable of detecting default silent switches to be used with a normal installer. Then it will allow to compile that normal installer into a silent installer.
How to use SFXMaker to create silent installers

1. Choose the installer file you want to compile into a silent installer.

2. Click this button to detect what silent switch should be used. If the switch cannot be detected, you will have to type one in manually.

3. Choose the name of the silent installer that will be created.

4. Create the silent installer.

Directory mode

If you select the “Directory” tab instead, all contents within a selected folder will be packaged into a single silent installer file. SFXMaker will let you choose a single executable file from within that folder to run the silent switches with.
Hint: If SFXMaker locks up while trying to create a silent installer, use Task Manager to force quit the program and try again with the option “Use EXEs Icon” unchecked.

Further notes
*Not all installers can be made into silent installers by using SFXMakers, especially more complex installers.
*If you are downloading a silent installer made by someone else, it is a good idea to test it in a virtual machine first so you'll know the changes are what you want.

Where do I go to find silent switches to use with an installer?
A good place is the Application Switches thread at forum. If you want to find out more about silent and unattended installation, check out Also read my short guide below about specific installer makers. 

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