Wednesday, May 26, 2010

0 Kubuntu LTS Linux 10.04 [FILE FACTORY LINKS]


New in Kubuntu 10.04

New Branding

Along with the rest of Ubuntu we have been updating our branding. The new logo and icon are now incorporated into our new Plymouth splash screen to freshen up our look.

KDE Plasma Desktop 4.4

KDE Software Compilation 4.4 provides the latest version of the popular Plasma Desktop.
The improved System Tray now can include various widgets, such as the improved Device Notifier, Battery monitor and our Message Indicator.
Nepomuk Semantic Search has matured greatly, you can now search through your files from Dolphin or browse the recently used timeline.
New features such as grouping windows into tabs have been added, while many smaller tweaks and changes provide for a more stable experience befitting 10.04's LTS status

Official Kubuntu Netbook Remix release

The Kubuntu Netbook Remix has its first official release with Kubuntu 10.04. This addition brings a new way of using your desktop, geared for this popular form factor.

Amarok 2.3

Amarok 2.3 features many bugfixes, enhancements, and visual changes, such as the new main toolbar and better podcast support.

Installer Slideshow

Sit back and relax while installing Kubuntu and watch the lovely slideshow showcasing KDE applications included in the default installation. Or just use them, since it's a Live CD ;-)

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