Monday, May 24, 2010

2 Wanna play Google's PacMan even now ? Try this !

You may know that  last Saturday Google doodle changed to a PacMan playing ground where you can instantly play the famous PacMan game without installing it in PC !. A great way to spend time while feeling bored in office or anywhere but it’s a doodle, so, Google restored its logo, after the celebration of 30th Birthday of PacMan with original logo. So, how can we still access it and play it without moving towards another flash game site.

Google gives us the answer with Google PacMan page:

You can now enjoy the game with sound or without sound but in any case you don’t need to install PacMan but should have a flash player. Usually you have it in your PC. If not then it will ask you to install it.
So, enjoy PacMan and reduce your stress. Just don’t forget the bookmark that page.
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Anonymous said...

Nice trick was really wanting to play it again. Thanx....

Kishore said...

your welcome dude ! Guys reveal yourselves ! Why be anonymous ?!

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