Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2 9 Months Free & Working Kaspersky Key !! Enjoy !! [Exclusive On ALLDL!]

Hey guys !! 
I.. after a great and long research on Working keys of Kaspersky Internet Security Suite, Got finally one !
This is a promotional offer , from a German site.
This key works like Hell for me !! 
[Note : This key is working in Kaspersky Internet Security only, as far as i know, if it worked for Antivirus , Please Comment, so as , i will modify this post.

Step 1:
Go to this link, with Google translate[If required]

Step 2:
Enter the required Details to create a new account[Give a valid E-mail Address of yours, as you will receive your Key to the E-mail ID you entered.

Step 3:
After completing the Last step, you will receive an E-mail from that German site, with the Activation Link for your Account.

This link will be available in the last few lines of the E-mail, as shown in this pic:

Step 5:
After you have entered into the Activation link address, u will get a Page with Check box, Just click on it and click on the Box below it.
And Wola !! done ! Just check your E-mail , and you should have got something like this:

Thats it ! 
You got a new Kaspersky Internet Security 9 Months Free and Valid Key to your E-mail !! 
[If u need more keys, try the same steps with a different E-mail and username ]

Hope you guys loved my post.
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