Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2 Handbook of Database Security- Applications & Trends [MEDIAFIRE LINKS]

Database security has been gaining a great deal of importance as industry, military,
and government organizations have increasingly adopted Internet-based technologies
on a large-scale, because of convenience, ease of use, and the ability to take
advantage of rapid advances in the commercial market. Along with the traditional
security aspects of data integrity and availability, there is an increasing interest in
research and development in data privacy. This is because today’s often missioncritical
databases no longer contain only data used for day-to-day processing by
organization; as new applications are being added, it is possible for organizations to
collect and store vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently and to make the data
readily accessible to the public, typically throughWeb-based applications. Unfortunately,
if security threats related to the integrity, availability, and privacy of the data
are not properly resolved, databases remain vulnerable to malicious attacks and accidental
misuse. Such incidents, in turn, may translate into financial losses or losses
whose values are obviously high but difficult to quantify, e.g., the loss of the public’s
trust in the data management infrastructure and services offered by an organization.

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Secure Bytes said...

An example of threat is cryptographic attacks or attempts to break the encryption code and the loss of a private key in a public key cryptography system, this why sometimes even when encryption is used, theats to confidentiality still exist.

Security Tools said...

A brute force search of all possible keys could be used to break this encryption, the time required to conduct such a search is so long as to be impractical.

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