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4 8 Best BitTorrent Clients

8 Best BitTorrent Clients

BitTorrent is the ultimate in peer to peer file transmission over the Internet, making it easy to quickly share files regardless of size with many people. BitTorrent sharing is so popular that recent estimates suggest that it consists of nearly half of all Internet data traffic.

As people copy a file shared via BitTorrent, the file becomes distributed across the network, making it possible to download multiple parts of the file simultaneously. When the file download is complete it is assembled as one and becomes ready to be used on the peer computer that requested it. Here you will find 8 of the best BitTorrent clients that will help you get the most from this popular file sharing protocol.

1. BitTorrent is a client that uses the BitTorrent protocol to share and download files. Because this client was created by Bram Cohen, the same person who invented BitTorrent, this is a stable and reliable utility, although it does not have many of the bells and whistles that adorn other BitTorrent clients. Its elementary style makes it an easy first client to use, but many advanced torrent users prefer a client that has more options. This client is available as a free download for Mac, Windows, or Linux.

2. uTorrent is one of the most popular BitTorrent clients currently available. This program doesn’t use a lot of system resources, yet offers skin and localization options to customize it for every user. This client manages multiple downloads at a time, offers bandwidth limitations, resumes interrupted downloads, and works without trackers. uTorrent also has a bandwidth scheduler so you can choose when your computer will offer the best download speeds. uTorrent is free and runs only on Windows.

3. Bittornado builds upon the foundation of the original BitTorrent client to add impressive features to a Linux-based client. Besides a sleek user interface, the client offers features like encryption, multi-tracker support, super seeding, and a variety of performance adjustments that you can make behind the scenes.

4. Transmission is an open source BitTorrent client that is produced with community support. It features minimal system resource usage, native interfaces for Macintosh, Qt, and GTK+, remote control, Daemon support for servers, and a Web-based version. It also offers built-in protection from intruders using PeerGuardian. This program does not have a Windows or Linux version.

5. BitSpirit is a powerful BitTorrent client that has an incredible array of feature such as trackerless support, disk cache, UPnP, IPv6 support, magnet links, and private trackers. This client handles multiple downloads and has a very clean interface. This client is free and runs on all versions of Windows.

6. Halite is what you need if you are looking for a rugged, stable workhorse for BitTorrent transfers. It features very low overhead, connection limitations. This is an open source BitTorrent client for Windows that is based on SourceFourge.

7. Vuze is a BitTorrent client that has a ton of features that cover almost everything but the kitchen sink. Vuze features a hi-def video player and has support for Apple iPod and iPhone built in. Vuze is a reincarnation of the BitTorrent client formerly known as Azureus.

8. Ktorrent is a full featured client that has set the defacto standard for Linux-based BitTorrent clients. It runs on the KDE environment, supports trackerless torrents, and features UPnP support. This is very stable client that makes some people want to switch to Linux so they can use it.

These 8 best BitTorrent clients will help you transfer the files you need with ease. Try the ones that work on your operating system and enjoy the power, speed, and convenience of the BitTorrrent protocol.

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